TeachersWe make the best even better

We carefully select experienced and professional teachers for you. We continually develop their skills in more than 200 methodology workshops and training sessions each year.


Why teach for James Cook Languages?

We offer our teachers year-round work, a pleasant working environment, excellent care, continuous development and career growth opportunities in a leading language training company.


We provide year-round employment with plenty of courses, financial stability and a great base for the development of a teaching career.


We are a leader in the area of corporate language training and a certificated member of the Czech Association of Language Schools.


Teacher pay is influenced by feedback on their work, their qualifications and the length and intensity of cooperation with us.


Teachers are part of our team. They receive support with methodology and excellent facitilites for lesson preparation. 

Recruitment and requirements

We only recruit qualified teachers with language teaching experience for our team. During the selection process, we undertake two personal interviews with the teachers, of which the second is a trial lesson with a methodology analysis and subsequent feedback.

We verify that each candidate meets our qualification requirements.

Key things we look for:

  • excellent theoretical and practical knowledge of the language
  • teaching experience 
  • university degree, language certificates
  • reliability and loyalty
  • positive and proactive approach
  • time flexibility

Teacher care

  • Continuous support
  • Help with methodology 
  • Quality teaching facilities
  • Career growth opportunities

Senior Teachers

Each teacher is assigned to a Senior Teacher, who acts as a mentor, looks after them and provides them with support and assistance.

Teachers receive regular feedback to help with their development. The Senior Teacher observes the teacher’s classes, meets with them to go through feedback, and also passes on any feedback we receive from students. Each teacher has an Individual Development Plan to set up tasks and goals for teaching skills they would like to work on. 

High quality equipment

JCL Resource Centre. 

Available to readers we have a fully equipped library with textbooks, magazines, newspapers, photocopiers, printers, computers and Wi-Fi connection, we offer the possibility to rent an audio player or tablet for learning. We publish the internal magazine Logbook containing information about JCL and chapters on the methodology.


Our methodology has been carefully developed on the basis of our experience of corporate language training. It includes effective elements for the rapid improvement of language skills.

Who is this methodology for?

It enables us to teach languages effectively to busy professionals, who can only devote a limited amount of time out of their busy schedule. It is suitable for students who do not have much time for self-study, preparation and homework.

What does this methodology offer?

It ensures that each lesson focuses on the communication needs of the student and their specific language needs. It especially teaches students to have the confidence to use the language and speak in a realistic context. Coach&Practise is constantly being perfected thanks to continued cooperation with our students.

How does it work?


Firstly, we set up the teaching approach according to the student’s needs based on information from a language audit. This tells us if we need to concentrate on business language, conversation, confidence when speaking on the phone, or any other type of communication the student requires for their job. We select the teacher according to the student.


The Coach&Practise method guides the student towards effectively learning the language by using visualisation, self-correction and finding the best way to communicate their ideas.


Language is a reflex and we learn it best by using it. Our students actively speak for 80% of the time during lessons and always do so in the target language. The lessons are logically linked together, plenty of practice helps students remember new language and motivates them to actively use it in their professional and everyday lives.

Our outstanding teachers

Using the Coach&Practise method very effectively improves the language level of each student. Our teachers are led by experienced Senior Teachers who support their further development through feedback and mentoring. We organise up to 80 different workshops for teachers every year, which builds on their skills and helps us to continuously perfect our methodology.

What our teachers say about us...

Fantastic professional development

Klaudia Czachor
Senior Teacher

I am glad that JCL was the first school I worked with when I started my teaching adventure. The school offered me not only the support of an experienced teacher (Senior Teacher) with whom I could consult or ask for advice, but also additional training, workshops and interesting materials. What distinguishes James Cook Languages ​​on the private school market is the commitment to building relationships between teachers. The school managed to create a teaching community that supports each other by exchanging ideas, materials and methods. The team listens to our needs and tries to respond to them. This is what happened with the idea of ​​regular, informal meetings for teachers - Teachers' Corner - during which we can freely discuss the issues bothering us, share our doubts and successes. I am glad that JCL cares about teachers. After all, a satisfied teacher is a satisfied customer!

Friendly attitude and constant development

Don Nixon
English Teacher

I’m rather new to the world of teaching and was a bit hesitant when I first began this exciting career two and a half years ago. After finally getting into the hang of it, the entire world became a victim of this pandemic. As in every sector, fear gripped society, cut-backs were made and the teaching sector felt the need to fight for survival - we all wondered what was going to happen to us. However, the management at JCL – like a caring parent – took a hold of the reigns and found ways of taking care of its flock of teachers. We were provided with on-line training sessions and given additional morale support to increase our confidence as we embarked on this territory of remote learning. JCL was instrumental in convincing our clients to at least “try” online lessons, and gave us an opportunity to cultivate our skills during this world crisis. No one knows what is around the corner, but I personally feel that this “family” of educators will continue to find ways to help us survive, and provide us with the support that we need to develop our ever-evolving methods of teaching.  

Team work and academic support

Kathryn Saville
English Teacher

I joined James Cook Languages, Warsaw in August 2019. Yes, just a few months before the pandemic. As we faced lockdown for the first time, I wondered if I should catch a flight back to New Zealand or stick it out. I was happily impressed by the JCL management’s very quick response, adapting to the new environment, providing support and assurances of sufficient work and salary to survive should the worst come to pass. The whole team tightened our belts, so as to enable everyone to retain their jobs. This attitude is what builds a strong and loyal team that is able to weather the tough times and prosper in the good times.

The teacher selection process is rigorous, as is the supervision in order to ensure a high standard of teaching. The students are professional adults, who value the courses provided and find the education effective and, in some cases, transformational.I’m proud to be a part of this company and the people who make the learning happen.

Partnership and open approach

Sylwia Barnett
Polish and French Teacher

The pandemic popularized on-line learning, thanks to which I got the opportunity to cooperate with the Warsaw branch of James Cook Languages. I am very pleased with this, because I was looking for a place that would satisfy my need for professional development and ensure satisfaction with many years of teaching practice. At JCL, I teach French and Polish as a foreign language. What matters most to me is the fact that as a teacher I am treated seriously, in partnership, with respect for my time and work. I really appreciate the independence in building a direct relationship with the learner. On the other hand, the school provides excellent organization and organizational and methodological facilities, giving a sense of security and clarity about competences and rules. JCL offers me the opportunity to conduct really interesting and stimulating classes and participate in interesting projects. What I value most is the experience of co-conducting intensive courses in a team of teachers. This allows for intensive methodical training, developing your own working methods and sharing ideas.

The  atmosphere and conditions offered at JCL allow the teacher to fully enjoy the results of their work.

Support and cooperation

Ewa Kozielecka
English Teacher

I have been teaching English for over 20 years. I like dynamics, good organization, atmosphere of cooperation and support. JCL Polska provides me with it all. Since the beginning of our cooperation in 2007, JCL designs my courses in such a way that I can perform my duties in the best and most effective way. The satisfaction with preparing and conducting classes is the greater, the fewer organizational challenges I have. My contact with the people responsible for the courses is always effective and friendly, which helps in my everyday relations and supports my work as a teacher.

Freedom and professional satisfaction

Bartłomiej Mikulski
English Teacher

I started my adventure with James Cook Languages ​​at the end of 2018, running full-time  courses in companies. I have been an English teacher for over 20 years.
I worked with several schools but JCL captivated me and I decided to stay here for a long time.

The school has a friendly atmosphere. Everyone is very helpful, you can always count on methodological support, suggestions for materials and a great library. James Cook Languages ​​has also clear described methodology, from which each teacher, even with extensive experience, will gain something that will enrich his way of teaching.

JCL takes care of the teacher, ensuring the continuity of classes and full schedule as needed, so I do not have to worry about a fixed salary. This proved to be especially helpful during the pandemic when we switched to online classes and the school provided teachers
such courses, and the necessary support and tools for conducting classes.

What I really appreciate in working with James Cook Languages ​​is the freedom in relationships between me and the course participants. Individual selection of materials and topics for classes, determined in consultation with the students, makes the classes interesting for both students as well as for me.

JCL also offers great opportunities for professional development through participation in various workshops. For me, the observations of the classes and the feedback from the methodologist turned out to be very useful (it is great that as a teacher I also watched the classes.
and I was able to share my thoughts and learn a lot from it).

Working with JCL it is a pure satisfaction for me.